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Drawing in the Soul has been such an amazing learning experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who is yearning to find their artist voice.

This class is both for the beginner through to the more advanced artist. Juna is a very generous teacher who shares her knowledge so openly. She has such a gentle and calming way of approaching each subject and that has been the key for me to find my confidence and develop my skills even further.

Thank you so much for creating such an enjoyable learning and soul enriching course.

Drawing in the Soul is a course I wish everyone could take. The knowledge that Juna shares, in text, in her step by step videos, in personal messages and in her gentle and generous feedback is un-paralleled, and to be able to download the course and keep it forever is something I never anticipated. I’ve never witnessed anything even similar to this in any class I’ve ever taken – online or in person.

The scope of the course may at first seem daunting, but each week focuses on a very clearly defined goal, and those one or two weeks designed to allow everyone time to catch up or further develop his/her work, come at precisely the right moment. Week after week, I watched the portraits that my fellow students posted evolve into works of breathtaking beauty, matched by their generosity and genuine and knowledgeable feedback, a true testimony to Juna’s guidance. I’m thrilled that Drawing in the Soul will be offered again in the fall. I’ve already registered.

I have taken many online art courses through the years, and Juna Biagioni is the one of the finest teachers I have had the pleasure to study with.

In her class Drawing In the Soul I learned many technical skills in order to compose a portrait. But perhaps most importantly I learned how to let a portrait develop and come forth. I learned how not to force my developing work, to truly let its soul unfold on the paper. Juna is an incredible teacher. I loved every minute of this class and look forward to taking another course with her.

Before this online course I didn’t know how to use any of the materials. I was a complete novice. I knew I could draw and that I had an eye for art, but I didn’t know how to start and how to express myself.

With Juna’s course we learnt to use different mediums. How to apply them and how to make them ‘speak’, how to give them soul.

The very gentle and very constructive feedback was given with empathy and sensitivity. This gave us all confidence to move forward to our next project.

I feel now the possibilities are boundless! My fingers itch to get onto another project of my own choosing.

I’m leaving this course proud of all my efforts and well supported by Juna’s encouragement.

Thank you form the bottom of my heart.

I fell in love with a course named Drawing in the Soul. It was the word ‘soul’ that drew my attention. I had the WOW-effect from the very start. It felt so inspiring.

This course was beyond my expectations. It felt as a warm cradle of artistic love and energy. I became more confident in my drawing skills and learned a lot – and not only on an artistic level.

So thank you Juna for your art, for this course, and for inspiring us all and giving us those gentle pushes to step out from our comfort zone. You are a talented artist and an amazing teacher. And I’m also grateful for all those creative minds with whom I could share this wonderful experience.

From the first moment I saw Juna Biagoni’s work I was mezmerized. She seemed to me a sculptor, where beautiful faces and features appeared from nowhere. I signed up immediately and counted the days until the class began.

I have not been disappointed. I now can, even as a beginner, have faces appear that surprise and delight me. Juna’s ability to teach is superb. She is thorough, generous in her sharing and the range of projects in the class is fantastic. The best part is her gentleness and support in her feedback. I know of no other class where the feedback is so detailed and thorough. Juna’s feedback draws you to your next step, shows you what you are headed.

Drawing in the Soul has completing changed my ability to see. This is the only class where I have actually faced my resistance, even though I was over my head as a beginner and did the assignments. I adore Juna Biagoni. I am so grateful. There is no one better.

Totally loved Juna’s class. I learned how to draw faces. I highly recommend this on-line class!

I saw one of Juna’s videos on YouTube and my gut feeling said: YES!!! Drawing in the Soul is so awesome and highly recommendable.

The structure of the course teaches you all you ever wanted to know about drawing & painting faces: all about different profiles, the features, and how to use different art supplies. A mixture of playful and challenging lessons.

I learned a lot, especially via the direct feedback. Thank you so much, Juna, for this incredible course!!

Juna’s online class Drawing in the Soul is very thorough and well organized. I enjoyed learning about new mediums and watching Juna do her magic.

The thing I appreciated the most, though, was how Juna viewed and critiqued our work so we could learn from our mistakes. I do not know of any other online class where this occurs, and look forward to taking future classes.

I would highly recommend this class! The material is very comprehensive about drawing, painting, color etc. The videos and pdfs are very professionally done and Juna is a great teacher! Her feedback is always kind but very insightful too, another lesson in itself.

It was an excellent enjoyable learning experience and I look forward to her offering other classes as well.

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful course Juna. I have learned so much and I feel so much more confident about my own work.

Your teaching style is wonderful. Detailed yet concise, so learning is made clear and accessible. But above all your warmth and support have inspired and encouraged me throughout every week.

I am still astounded by how much detailed and helpful feedback you have given to each one of us. The feedback you gave me opened my eyes – not just to errors I was unaware of, but also to countless ways I could improve my own art. I have taken several online art courses but nothing comes anywhere near yours.

I would recommend it to everyone and my only sorrow is that it has to come to an end. Please do more courses… Your work is stunningly beautiful and I long to learn more from you. Thank you so much.

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