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NEW: Drawing in the Soul – The Value of Values

In this 4-weeks online live class Drawing in the Soul – The Value of Values we’re going to focus on one of the most fundamental concepts in art, and that is tonal value – or the use of dark and light.

If you’ve never heard of tonal values before, if you find that your drawings look a bit ‘flat’ or unrealistic, if you want to give your portraits more visual interest, or if you do know what values in art are but don’t know how to work with them, then this course is definitely for you!

Start: October 22, 2018

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Personalized Feedback

NEW: you can now receive individual, personalized feedback from me on your artworks (portraits)! This feedback is given using a unique, visual method which is a great help and support to hone your skills and grow as an artist. Especially recommended for beginners and intermediate levels.

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Drawing in the Soul

Drawing in the Soul is a complete & in-depth online art course in which you’ll learn step by step how to draw and paint female portraits.

We’ll be creating front face portraits, profile portraits, and three-quarter portraits. Important topics that we’ll explore are value, line, and color. We’ll use all my favorite art supplies, such as acrylic paint, charcoal, soft pastel, and a little bit of oil paint sticks and oil pastels.

This is a 12-weeks intensive art course, jam-packed with information and projects, that you can download an do in your own time as a self-paced class.

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Drawing Frida

Drawing Frida is a three hour workshop in which we’re going to create a pastel portrait of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We’ll be working with various types of pastel, in one monochromatic color scheme. You will see me create this portrait from start to finish, in real time, so you can follow everything that I do in detail. I’ll share with you my thought process, choices, struggles and a variety of techniques.

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