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Module 3 of my upcoming portrait course Drawing in the Soul will be all about color! This portrait is a study for one of the lessons in the course, so I didn’t film the making of this particular portrait. But I love this color explosion!

Click here for more information on Drawing in the Soul.

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  1. I love all your portraits. They are touching.

    With no previous knowledge I drew a portrait yesterday and wrote “capturing a soul- la captura de un alma- on it. It seems we are looking for the same thing only i have no experience in painting yet. I am more of a poet but I enjoy painting too. I just cant wait to see your course launched, I am sure it is what I need to get cracking. I have been looking to lots of artists on internet. It is you I like the best: the style and what you draw. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and kind words Alejandra! I’m so happy to hear that you picked up painting. It’s such a wonderful way to express yourself and what lies in your soul. I also think that poetry and painting can really complement each other, so that’s a great combination. I’d love to have you in my course! 🙂 I will make an announcement about the course very soon, probably within a few days. Yay!

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