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I have recorded my main lesson for the online portrait course Let’s Face It! In this lesson we are going to create a side view portrait, focusing on the use of values, of lights and darks in the face.

Working with values really is the basis of my portraits. If the values are OK, then you can play with other elements like color and line and you will still get a good portrait.

Recording the lesson was intensive but a lot of fun as well! As you can see here on the left, I’ve been working with two cameras: one to film what I’m doing on the easel, and the other one to show my paint palette and how I mix my paint.

This makes the videos very instructive, because you can really see everything that I am doing. I’m showing you every step that I’ve taken to create this portrait and explain why I am doing things the way I do.

Here’s a short little sneak peek of the lesson, showing the various stages of this portrait:

You can still join Let’s Face It! You can find all the info here: click here.

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