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Reflection of Light

I’ve made this painting as research and preparation for my guest lesson in the online course Let’s Face It.

The basis for all my portraits is value: painting the lights and darks of a face. It really feels like molding with clay: adding some dark tones to push the clay a bit inward, and painting light tones to make it stick out. Adding a little here, taking out a little there. I love this process, because you can just keep on shaping and molding until the face looks ‘right’.

I really enjoyed making this portrait! So I think that for Let’s Face It I want to go back to basics, just like in this portrait here, and focus on value using only black, white, and grey acrylic paint (and a little black & white pencil for the details).

More info on Let’s Face It: click here.

Reflection of Light. Acrylic paint, charcoal pencil, and hard pastel on Fabriano Rosaspina paper. Size 46 x 34 cm (approx. 18 x 13.4 inch).

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