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Love Art Happy Life

LAHLI have been filming my lesson for Love Art Happy Life!

This 5 months online art course is hosted by Marieke Blokland from Bloknote Academy and I am honored to be one of the guest teachers. 🙂 Love Art Happy Life is a course all about art, inspiration, finding your own style, and having fun creating! It’s based on finding inspiration through art.

Each guest teacher will provide a lesson focusing on a famous artist, we’ll tell you a little why this artist is so inspiring, show you their work, and create an artwork in our own style but inspired by this artist. You will learn about the creative process, how to use your inspiration to develop your own unique style, and how to have more fun making art instead of being afraid.

Love Art Happy LifeI am currently developing my lesson and I couldn’t choose between two giants in art history and major sources of inspiration: Rembrandt and Leonardo, so I just chose both, hehe! ? But it looks like my lesson will be mostly on Leonardo.

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