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Inner Guidance

This portrait is my contribution to the End-of-Year Campfire Game that we did in the Creative Campground group on Facebook and that I wrote about earlier this month.

I used a lot of different media, such as acrylic paint, soft pastel, pastel pencil, charcoal pencil, and oil pastel. But most importantly I used metal leaf for the pattern around the head. I wanted to work with metal leaf for quite a while, and now I finally found the time to do it. I have worked with metal leaf a few years ago when I worked with polymer clay, but this is new. I really like the effect that you can create with metal leaf and I am definitely planning to explore this medium further and use it in more of my paintings.

For the Campfire Game we also had to incorporate a word or wish for the new year in our portraits. For me it is “Inner Guidance”, as you can see in the portrait.

It was great fun to see all the portraits that have been made for the Campfire Game! Over 65 people from all over the world have participated and now I am putting together a Happy New Year video, showing all the artworks and the wishes. I will release the video on January 1st and then it can be shared and reposted by all participants to send out their good wishes to the world!

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