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Welcome to my blog! Here you can find info about my art and the classes that I offer.

Upcoming Classes

Drawing in the Soul is my main portrait course and is now available as a self-paced class.

I’m teaching in Life Book 2018, the year-long mixed media course hosted by Tamara Laporte.

I’m teaching in Let’s Face It 2018, the year-long course all about faces hosted by Kara Bullock.

I’m teaching in 21 SECRETS, the art journaling and mixed media course hosted by Connie Solera.


I'm honored to have been interviewed by the lovely Sue Lazar Nelson from the website Irreversibly Moi! 🙂

Sue organizes lots of art related activities, such as interesting articles and fun

Funny that I didn't even make the connection any sooner. Last week I painted the portrait Walking the Path and made a video of the process for the #lovesummerart Art

A new portrait, using similar techniques as for my last portrait, I See You. Using ink, oil paint sticks and soft pastel I've been experimenting with how to create a

I'm working with texture lately. Lots of texture!

It's very interesting to work with texture. It literally adds a whole new dimension to the painting. You can play and experiment with

Had a lovely day making art with a good friend. He created many paintings, I did a little drawing and a lot of talking and joking... 😉

Face, mixed media drawing

This evening I set out to paint another lantern, but well, yes... I ended up painting an elephant.

Painting is becoming more and more an adventure here! 😉

The Elephant, mixed media

This painting was inspired by the last painting I made, Ouroboros (ciao babbo). I like the symbol and meaning of the Ouroboros, the snake biting its tail, so I wanted

And now for something completely different... 😉 I am starting the painting course Bloom True with the wonderful Flora Bowley! This is an online course in intuitive painting, or

Another face drawing. I love using colored pencil, which is somewhat transparent, over the opaque acrylics. By applying the colored pencil layer over layer until it is fully burnished into

I am drawing a lot of faces lately, which I really enjoy doing. I love shading the face, layer over layer, to give the drawing a certain depth.

Acrylics and colored

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