Charcoal portrait

I love working with charcoal! I've been trying out some new techniques and having a great time drawing again! :-)

Colors, texture, & big eyes

I have made my mini lesson for Let's Face It 2018. It was so much fun to do! This lesson is inpired by the Dutch-French artist Kees van Dongen, who used...

Pastel portrait

I've just finished drawing this pastel portrait, my first portrait of this year.

Texture journey continued

My texture journey continues! I am doing lots of experiments with texture and how to combine it with figurative work. Exciting and challenging to do! I really love the sense of movement and depth it creates. Many people have asked me…

My Scars Tell My Story

I have been experimenting with texture in my portraits lately. I love the effect of the texture, which creates depth and interest. The texture in this portrait reminded me of scars. Outer scars, or even inner scars. If you look…

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