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drawing in the soul

Drawing in the Soul is an intensive online portrait course which is offered twice a year and runs for 12 weeks.

Drawing in the Soul is an intensive mixed media portrait course which is offered twice a year. The next round starts October 2 and is now open for registration.

In this 12-weeks online course I will be teaching you how to draw and paint female portraits. I am not just teaching you how to create my style of portraits, but show you in detail the techniques that I use and why I use them, so that you will be able to incorporate them into your own style. I will also give in-depth feedback on your work, if desired.

We’ll be creating front face portraits, profile portraits, and three-quarter portraits. Important topics that we’ll explore are value, line, and color.

We’ll use all my most favorite art supplies, such as acrylic paint, charcoal, soft pastel, oil paint sticks, and oil pastels. And I will show you techniques that I use to give my portraits that something extra, or ‘soul’.

This online course offers the advantage of being able to follow the lessons from the comfort of your home. You can download all materials, so you can watch the videos and read the written lessons as many times as you like.

And for those of you who would also like ‘real-life’ interaction with the teacher and fellow students, there is the possibility to connect, ask questions, get support, and socialize through the safe environment of the class community in the online private Facebook group.

course structure

The course consists of 4 modules. While the last module has its own format, modules 1-3 will follow the same structure and build upon the topics of the previous modules.

Modules 1-3

In each of the first three modules we are going to focus on one main subject, respectively value, line, and color. We are also going to concentrate on one of three head directions: front face portrait, profile portrait, and three-quarter portrait.

During each module we are going to explore and work with new supplies, including charcoal, soft pastels, and oil pastels. And we’ll focus on specific color palettes (black & white, monochromatic, and multiple colors).

Every first week of modules 1-3 we will do several exercises that will focus on individual aspects of the subject of that module. In these video lessons the information and techniques are broken down into smaller segments, so that they are easier to learn and to practice. Sometimes you will also get one or more text-only lessons, that will explain some additional theory or provide background information.

In the second week we’re going to make the main project for that module. We’re going to create a portrait from start to finish: from the sketching phase to the final little details. We’ll take all the elements that we’ve learned in the first week and bring those into practice in one large project.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the first projects that we’re going to make. This short video shows you all the different stages this portrait went through.

Since the first two weeks of each module are intense and filled with exercises and lessons, in the third week we will get time to practice what we’ve learned so far, and do some catching up if necessary. For those of you who would nonetheless like to have new materials, there is a fun & shorter bonus lesson available.

Module 4

In Module 4 we’re going to use what we’ve learned in the previous modules and take that to a higher level. In this module we’re going to explore ways to draw the viewer to our portrait and to bring the focus on that something extra, what I would call ‘soul’, in our portrait. Each week of this module we will create one project.

in-depth feedback

During the 12 weeks that the group is running, I am available to give in-depth feedback on your work.


Sometimes you can get stuck and you don’t know what is going wrong or you can’t see where you could change things. It’s hard to figure this out all on your own. That’s when feedback from the teacher can be an essential support to help you get past these obstacles.

Providing feedback is something I take very seriously and dedicate a lot of time to. Where applicable I will illustrate my observations with clear visuals, so that the feedback can really help you in your artistic development.

This in-depth feedback is not only helpful for yourself, but also for the rest of the group. Therefore I provide this type of feedback only in the Facebook group (see below), so that all students can learn from each other.

course elements

web-14 flip

30 hours of video lessons

You receive 30 hours of detailed video lessons, recorded in real-time (no speeding up). Most lessons are filmed with two cameras, so that you can see exactly what I do – not only on the easel but also what is happening on my table, for instance how I mix my paint.


Additional course materials

Besides the 12 E-books you also receive additional course materials in the form of PDF documents, such as reference sheets with information about face proportions (mapping), weekly supply lists, and the reference photos that I have been using in the video lessons.


In-depth individual feedback

During the 12 weeks of the course you can ask me questions and get detailed feedback on your work, if desired. This can help you overcome barriers and see things with ‘fresh eyes’. Feedback is given in the Facebook group, so that other course members can learn from it as well.


All materials can be downloaded

All course materials, such as the videos, E-books, and additional course materials, can be downloaded and are yours to keep forever. You can download them from the course website, which remains accessible until 1 year after the course has ended. This gives you ample time to download everything you need.


12 E-books

Every week you receive a so-called E-book. This is an interactive PDF that contains the texts of the lessons, descriptions of the videos, images, and clickable links to that week’s videos. You can download all 12 E-books (166 pages in total!), so that you can easily refer back to them and if desired print them out.


Community & Interaction

For ‘real-life’ interaction with the teacher and fellow students, you can join the private Facebook group for the class. Here you can ask questions, get support, and socialize through the safe environment of the class community. It’s also the place where I give individual feedback on your work, if desired.

who is this course for?

This course is intended for artists & creatives of all levels.


If you’re totally new to creating portraits, you will learn all the basic techniques for creating front faces, profile portraits, and three-quarter faces.

Interested in specific topics or supplies?

If you already have some experience in making portraits and want to learn more about the topics of value, line, and color, then you can delve into these subjects.

If you want to practice working with specific supplies like soft pastels, charcoal, and oil pastels, then you can learn how these materials can be used. All you need for this course is a little basic experience with the use of acrylic paint. The rest will be explained and demonstrated in the course.

Interested in my way of working?

Drawing in the Soul is also suited if you are already more experienced and skilled in creating portraits, but want to learn more about my portrait style. You will be able to follow me step by step and see all the techniques and supplies that I use in my art.

supply list


We’re going to work with various supplies, such as acrylic paint, charcoal, soft pastels, and oil pastels. Would you like to know which supplies we’ll be using? Download here the full supply list for the course.

Download supply list

frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the course website until 1 year after the course has ended. In the meantime you can download all the videos, e-books, and additional course materials, so that you can keep them forever.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you can download all the videos of this course. Make sure you have enough free disk space (an external disk drive or usb stick is recommended), because there is in total 30 hours of video available.

How long can I get feedback on my work?

You can get individual feedback on your work during the 12 weeks that the course is running.

I am a total beginner without any art experience. Can I sign up?

Yes, you can definitely sign up for the course. All you need is a little (very basic) experience with acrylic paint. The rest will be explained and demonstrated in the lessons. And you can always ask questions and get support in the Facebook group.

I feel a bit insecure about my art and not ready to show it to others. Can I participate without joining the Facebook group?

Yes, you can definitely participate without joining the Facebook group. However, you can also join the Facebook without having to post your work if you don’t want to. The group is private and provides a safe environment for all participants of every level. The advantage of being a member of the Facebook group, is that you can learn from your fellow students and read the feedback that they get on their work. It’s also a place where you can get support, ask questions, and meet new friends.

I don't have a Facebook account. Do I need one in order to do the course?

You don’t need a Facebook account to follow the course. The course website is a dedicated website that you get access to after you sign up for the course. The Facebook group is optional. However, if you do want to join the Facebook group but don’t have a Facebook account (yet), you can also consider creating a Facebook account just for this course alone.

Do you work with reference photos during the course?

Yes, we will be working with reference photos during the course. The goal is not to create an exact likeness of the portrait on the photo, but to use the photo as a reference and inspiration for things like shading and proportions. The photos that I will use in the lessons will be available for download, but of course you can also use your own photos if you prefer.

Why is the number of participants for the course limited?

The number of participants is limited, because I give in-depth feedback to participants during the course. This feedback is quite extensive and usually takes me a lot of time to prepare, so that’s why I can’t have an unlimited number of participants. I really want to give quality feedback, so that you will learn more and faster.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me via this page.

what participants say

I would like to commend Juna for the beautifully crafted course she has created 'Drawing in the Soul'. It was easy to follow, the feedback on your progress is great and the feeling you get from being part of the class makes this an unusually rich web experience. The beautiful mark making style and diversity of materials are as challenging as you want them to be. There is no pressure to achieve, this is a course to enjoy at your own speed and explore artistic possibilities. Highly recommended! I am suggesting the next courses to members of our pastel society!

James Geddes, President Northwest Pastel Society

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful course Juna. I have learned so much and I feel so much more confident about my own work. Your teaching style is wonderful... detailed yet concise so learning is made clear and accessible but above all your warmth and support have inspired and encouraged me throughout every week. I am still astounded by how much detailed and helpful feedback you have given to each one of us. The feedback you gave me opened my eyes not just to errors I was unaware of but also to countless ways I could improve my own art. I have taken several online art courses but nothing comes anywhere near yours. I would recommend it to everyone and my only sorrow is that it has to come to an end. Please do more courses ... your work is stunningly beautiful and I long to learn more from you. Thank you so much.

Lynda Hunter
United Kingdom

'Drawing in the Soul' was the finest on-line art class I have taken. Juna Biagioni carefully developed this portrait class so that one lesson builds upon the other. Her class environment is extremely organized, easy to navigate and detailed with downloadable videos for further viewing. She limits the amount of students enrolled as to give them enormous attention with critiques which was so welcomed. Her critiques are superb. She is so technically knowledgeable that she can draw/paint on top of your photo for suggested improvements. An incredible learning tool for all participants. It was 12 weeks of challenge, growth, learning, humor and support, an amazing course!

Peggy Depue

Fabulous course. Well organised, inspiring lessons, lots of feedback, a very safe and positive group atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised by the videos that provided explanations of the different materials we worked with, and learned a lot about how to handle them and work with them.

Angela van Son
The Netherlands

Excellent class! I learned more in the first week than in all the other art classes I have taken and that includes college classes as well. Juna's easy to follow directions and her helpful critiques have made me a better artist and I thank her for that!

Nancy Markel

This is the best portrait class anyone could ever take. The amount of content is enormous and Juna's very detailed and gentle style of teaching not to mention her critiques on Facebook is unbelievable. I have learned so much. When looking at someone's face now whether on TV or in person, I can't help but notice their features and the way the light falls casting shadows. We also learnt different techniques, ones I'd never heard of. This course will stay with me for ever. Thank you Juna x


In the vein of "teach a man to fish & he can feed himself for life", Juna teaches her students how to SEE and how to EVALUATE their own work through her thoughtfully constructed lesson plan and detailed individual feedback. The skills and theory learned in this class are easily transferable to other media and subject matter. I would instantly and without hesitation, recommend this class to anyone interested in learning how to draw more realistic portraits.


By far, this is the best class I've ever taken. The professional videos, PDFs and critiques have been incredible! This will be a class I go back to over and over again. You have given my eyes the training that they were longing for. I may not draw perfectly ( but I can now "see" portraits more accurately! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Libbi Corson

I am blown away by how simple and well structured this course is. I have learned so much about drawing and painting portraits. The lessons are clear and well explained. Juna Biagioni is one incredible person, she really has put her heart into this class, the feedback she provides is detailed and really makes you 'see'. I would recommend this course 100%.

Pernelle R.

Drawing in the Soul with Juna Biagioni was one of the best portrait classes I have taken on line. Learning the full front view, side view, and 3/4 view were tough but through Juna's very detailed critique it was so easy to fix what wasn't quite right. I have gained so much from this 12 week course. The awesome artists in the face book group were there to help too or just encourage us. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn portraits.

Lynda Secor

I've done many courses, but this was the first time I've learned so much! Not only technology but also the way of looking at your art. Not only 'oh and ah's'. So much constructive criticism, with clear explanations. Juna is a very good and clear teacher, with a warm heart. I'm going to miss these lessons and mentor!

The Netherlands

Drawing in the Soul is jam-packed with videos and prompts to help you paint/draw soulful portraits in lots of various techniques. It was such fun to follow along, always supported by Juna's detailed feed-back. She is a such a generous and extraordinary teacher!

Elke A.

Juna is both an amazing artist and teacher. Both her video and written instruction were so well thought out and helpful. She was so generous in sharing her knowledge and technique and letting her students in on her process. A wonderful blend of technical skill and "soul". Just look at her art and you will see. You will not be disappointed if you take this class no matter what level artist you are!

Sara Williams

Drawing in the Soul is a wonderful 12 week online workshop that is packed with lessons. I can highly recommend anyone who loves drawing and painting portraits to join. Not only is Juna's work beautiful, expressive and soulful, it is mesmerizing! Juna has a soothing voice and a calm and beautiful way of teaching art. You will love her personality and teaching style so much that it will keep making you look forward to each new week. You will not regret joining Drawing in the Soul.

Cathy Mevik

This is a great course. Juna is a very good teacher who knows how to cut all the info in pieces that look doable. Her constructive criticism helps to look at your own work and séé. Although this is a portrait course, I find it helped me with all my drawings and paintings and I am now really excited about color theory.

Karin Kuilman
The Netherlands

This is the most well done course ever. Juna is the most perfect teacher and so brilliant and kind and so talent. This is the best course I have taken, and I have taken many. So I recommend you to sign up for this. It is like a dream and you will just be there and never wake up. Thank you Juna Biagioni for this time. I will take more classes/courses from you in the future. You are the BEST. A real Deal.

Annelie Wadin

Impossible for me to determine what lesson I've enjoyed more. Each lesson was a wonderful discovery that taught me a lot and is still teaching me. I discovered that I adore the charcoal! Juna, thanks for helping me to overcome some emotional blocks (it was not easy, and yet I'm working on). This course has meant a lot to me. I recommend it to everybody.

Elena Guerrini

Having never done anything like portraits but loving Juna's, I was delighted to try this course. I have learned many things and also to step outside the box. By using so many different materials in one project the outcome is amazing. Love the fact you can do this at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Big thank you Juna, loved it all, xxx

Deborah Power

Great course for everyone! Learning step by step with each module. In-depth-lessons and videos, very good explanations and detailed handouts. I love and enjoy this course - Juna is a great teacher and I highly recommend this course!


I could not have imagined nor grasped the depth of Juna's ability to teach so completely the skills of drawing and painting that I have gleaned from her series, "Drawing in the Soul". As I watch her video's and follow along with the abundant pdf's, I continue to learn more and more each time. Because the entire series is downloadable, I will continue to perfect a skill I thought I could never have. Her Artistic talent is shadowed by no one, other than herself, as her organizational skills in presenting the material are the best I have ever encountered. Easy to follow instructions made this course, the best investment I have ever made. I look forward to using this series for years to come for my own artist improvement and wait patiently for future teaching series to come from Juna. It's All Here! In 4 modules. Thank you Juna for showing us that art can be learned!

Donna M.
Twelve weeks of learning, growth, challenge, humor and support

October 2, 2017


USD 179 or EUR 159

The number of participants is limited.
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